Not planning to become full-time director: Boman Irani

Mumbai: Actor Boman Irani, who recently announced that he intends to become a director, says that he has no plans of becoming of a full-time director, but owes it to himself to direct at least one film.

“For the last 12 years, I have been doing Hindi films and have been enjoying the process, and now with the culmination of understanding the performance, the technique, and scripts, that’s (direction) the next natural progression.

“But I’m not planning to become a full time director for sure, but in this lifetime I think I owe it to myself, to make one film at least, and then we’ll see, it may not be the greatest film in the world, but the attempt will be to make a good film,” said Boman, in a press meet as part of the promotions of his next film “Santa Banta Pvt. Ltd”.

Boman also said that he couldn’t elaborate much on his directorial plans, since he didn’t have anything concrete right now. He had previously said that he specifically intends to direct a human drama.

“Before I became an actor, way back in my school days, I always saw myself as a director, I tried to study scripts, I tried to understand the making procedure, what a director is all about. I was a great fan of many great directors, more than the great actors, as much as I used to follow their work as a youngster, when I was 17 or 18, I was an avid follower of certain directors.”

Boman, who entered the film industry well in the 40s, had started out as a waiter and was a shopkeeper. But then taking up photography on a professional level, turned out to be a crucial decision in his life.

“When I became a photographer, I realised that maybe I’m in the creative field again, understanding photography is also a part of the training, whether you want to be a director or actor. I did that for 14 years, and in that process I also started doing theatre, as a reluctant actor, my play started doing well and the natural progression is that I started getting films offers,” he said.

Boman will also be seen in the popular franchise “Housefull 3”.