Not only Muslims, but Hindu Bengalis were too excluded from NRC list

Guwahati: With over 40 lakh applicants left out from the complete draft of National Register of Citizens (NRC) on Monday, many families have expressed their disbelief over the updation process.

Among those who were not excluded in the updation list were also the kin of India’s former president Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, HT reported.

“We could not apply in time,” said the former president’s grand nephew Sajid Ali Ahmed, who could not apply in the time permitted says they had failed because their names were not present in the legacy data i.e. is 1951 NRC and the electoral rolls of 1971.

Not only Muslims but also few Hindu Bengalis were also excluded from the list. BJP legislator and former deputy speaker of Assam assembly Dilip Kumar Pal’s wife was also not included.

But Mr Pal laughed it off and said “entire process was monitored by the Supreme Court”.

Similar to Pal’s family, there are thousands of other Hindus who migrated to Barak Valley from the East Pakistan fearing persecution after the partition.