They are not handicapped with legs but with minds – Rasheeduddin

They are not handicapped with legs but with minds – Rasheeduddin

Hyderabad: At a time when all eyes are set on UP elections, Shiv Sena left BJP behind in Maharashtra civic polls. In ten corporation and 25 ZPs, the performance of BJP was surprising. Mumbai is supposed to be the citadel of Shiv Sena, BJP bagged 82 seats shattering the dream of Shiv Sena to rule Mumbai Municipal Corporation unilaterally. Despite getting 84 seats, Shiv Sena has to depend on BJP’s support. The poor performance of Congress, NCP and MNS is a proof that the voters did not take any notice of demonetization. The political observers failed to read the minds of the voters. Maharashtra polls are important since the right hand of Modi, Mr. Fadnavis defeated Shiv Sena through his tactics. Shiv Sena was considering itself as the lord of black and white in Maharashtra. This pride is shattered due to the recent elections.


A new argument has started that how far the elections of Maharashtra would cast their shadows on UP elections but it is certain that the aspirations of BJP cadre have been enhanced. Despite Modi’s campaign in Maharashtra, it will have an effect on UP elections. The apprehensions of the political observers that with the split of BJP and Shiv Sena, secular votes would be consolidated proved wrong. BJP got more seats. It was a loss of Congress, NCP which were considering Maharashtra as an unconquerable fortress. The fact is both these parties have started shirking. In Lok Sabha and Assembly elections in other states, BJP consolidated its votes. Despite deaths in demonetization, the support of the people to BJP is a proof that opposition is weak. In legislative council elections, BJP got more seats in UP. In Maharashtra, Congress and NCP met with failure due to their internal conflicts and lack of popular leadership. The leadership of NCP may come to end at any time.


According to the reports, RSS and Sangh Parivar Cadre has become active. It actively supported BJP in Maharashtra on the instructions from Nagpur headquarter. BJP would make an attempt to encash the success of Maharashtra in UP elections also. Electronic media is exaggerating the success of BJP in Maharashtra as if it is not Municipal election but they are Assembly elections. BJP has to save its power in Punjab and Goa whereas in UP and Uttarakhand, it has to grab power. If BJP meets with defeat in Punjab and Goa, it will not be its loss but if they lose in UP, it will be a matter of great concern. In UP, SP and in Uttarakhand, Congress are fighting for their prestige. In UP, Modi has dumped all his force. BJP is making lofty claims of welfare. It is good to make a claim from the stage to feed 125 crore people but the ground reality is different. For the past three years, let BJP show any welfare deed of people. How many families of the poor were raised? How many illiterates were made literates? The Swachh Bharat campaign is confined only to TVs and newspaper advertisements. Even today, 40 crore people living below poverty line, 18 crore people do not get 2 time bread, there is no difference between their stomach and back due to starvation. During the past three years, people got only “Bhashan” and not ration.


BJP has again made preparations to play communal card of Ram Temple, although, it is pending in Supreme Court. Despite clear instructions from election commission, communal card is being played.


PM Modi described the good qualities of donkey when there was no need for it in UP elections. Akhilesh Yadav played a new tactics of entangling Modi in animals and he was successful in it. The way Modi mentioned “Khabrastan”, “Shamshan”, “Ramzan”, “Depavali”, “Holi” and “Eid” is nothing but an attempt to give communal colour to election campaign. It is not comprehensible why did Modi remember “Khabrastan”, “Shamshan”. Modi should know that UP Govt. made excellent arrangement of electric supply during Mohram and Ramazan whereas always continuous electric supply is available during “Depavali”. The lighting arrangements of Ramazan are also not favoring Modi. He should refrain from making a comparison between majority community and minorities.


–Siasat News