Not easy for govt. to cancel Urdu teachers’ recruitment: legal experts

New Delhi: Cancellation of the recruitment for the post of 4000 Urdu teachers in Lucknow, will be challenged in court. Legal experts have strongly reacted on the cancellation of recruitment and said that it is not easy to cancel the recruitments of Urdu teachers. It is part of polarisation politics in view of 2019 elections, they said.

Ex-chairman national minority commission for educational institutions, Justice Sohail Eijaz Siddiqui said as the elections are nearing BJP government is deviating the attention of the public from the main issue to other issues. He said it is not easy to stop recruitment. Advocate high court Farman Ahmed Naqvi also echoed justice Siddiqui’s thoughts and said the government cannot do this. Has the government made an enquiry before taking such decision that teachers are required or not? He said this will be challenged in court because Urdu is the 2nd official language of Uttar Pradesh and the government is bound to promote Urdu. Advocate Supreme Court Z K Faizan said the government has done a blunder.

The Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has cancelled the recruitment for new teachers because the government believes there were enough Urdu teachers and that the additional recruitment wasn’t required.

According to reports, the recruitment process for the post of Urdu teachers was initiated by the erstwhile Samajwadi Party government but as soon after the BJP-led-Yogi government came to power in 2017, it halted the recruitment process.

On the other hand, two days after cancelling the recruitment of Urdu teachers, the Yogi government on Wednesday cleared funds of around Rs 1 crore for three Hindu religious fairs.