Not bound by political limitations: Ramdev on 2019 General Elections

Haridwar: Yoga guru Ramdev on Wednesday quashed all possibilities of him campaigning in support of a political party for the upcoming 2019 General Elections.

Speaking to ANI, Ramdev said, “I am an apolitical person, I am not bound by political limitations, Mother India is my first priority and my work is my religion. So, my only focus is that.”

When asked about the mud-slinging between the Congress and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) recently over the controversial Rafale deal, Ramdev said, “Politics should be issue-based. Development, health, education, infrastructure, policies, be it agricultural, health or industrial policies, how the country will progress, there should be debates on these topics.”

“But there is dirty politics in the country. Both the government and the oppositions are using foul language, this is not good for the country,” Ramdev said.