Not angry at India, China, but at incompetent US Leaders: Donald Trump

CARMEL, INDIANA: Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump has said he is angry at the “incompetent” American leadership and not at countries like India, China, Japan or Vietnam, which he alleged are taking away jobs from the United States.

“I’m not angry at China. I’m not angry at Mexico. I’m not angry at India or Vietnam, which is hot as a pistol right now, taking a lot of stuff away from us,” Mr Trump said on Monday at a campaign rally in this town of Indiana where the crucial Republican primary is scheduled to be held today.

Latest polls show that Donald Trump is leading by 15 points against his nearest GOP rival Senator Ted Cruz from Texas and a win here would propel him near the footsteps of being a presumptive nominee.

In his address, the New York billionaire continued to lash out at the Obama administration for his economic policies as a result of which he claimed countries like Japan, India, China and Vietnam are taking away jobs from the Americans in states like Indiana.

“I’m not angry at Japan. They send cars over by the million. We give them practically nothing. You talk about a trade unbalance. They’re up here. We’re down like below that stage. It’s trade imbalance. I’m not angry at any of them.

“I’m angry at our leaders for being grossly incompetent and not knowing. Right?,” the real estate mogul said in his characteristic style amidst a big applause from the audience.

“And not knowing what they’re doing, because there’s no reason for it,” Mr Trump added.

Indiana, he said has lost about 15 per cent of its construction jobs since The Recession.

The city of Indianapolis has lost one third of its manufacturing jobs since 1990, he added.