“I am not afraid of threats”, says Prof. Kancha Ilaiah

Hyderabad: Prof. Kancha Ilaiah told that he is not afraid of the threats posed by Arya Vyshaya Community and he would face the situation courageously.

It may be mentioned that Prof. Kancha Ilaiah wrote a book “Smugglers of Society: Komatis” which created unrest among the business community. Arya Vyshaya organization strongly protested against him.

Prof. Ilaiah attended a public meeting of “T-MAS” at Warangal wherein he said that most of the major industrialists belong to Arya Vyshaya community. They are selling the goods at higher rates due to which the prices of commodities are rising and agitations are being organized throughout the country.

He also told that he would not hesitate to resign his post in order to launch a protest on public interests.

–Siasat News