Not afraid by Congress’ notice, will continue to raise voice for Amethi: Smriti Irani

Amethi: Union Human Resource and Development Minister (HRD) Smriti Irani on Sunday hit back at the Congress Party over the legal notice issued to her, saying she is not afraid and is ready to face 100 such notices for raising the voice of the people.

“The Congress had issued a notice against me saying if I speak against the party and Gandhi family then they will take action against me,” said Irani while addressing a rally here.

“I want to tell the Congress Party that they should not consider the women of this country ‘weak’……. I welcome the Congress Party’s move to send me the notice because the truth will now be revealed here in Amethi. If I have been given a notice because I have raised the voice of people of Amethi then I am ready to accept 100 such notices,” she added.

The Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee had earlier issued a legal notice to Irani for her ‘false and malicious’ allegation that Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust has grabbed the land of farmers in Amethi.