Not admitting mistakes, arrogance cause damage: RSS leader

Amid rumblings after BJP’s massive defeat in Bihar, a senior RSS pracharak from Gujarat on Tuesday made an oblique reference to it and warned the party that non-admission of mistakes due to continued arrogance causes more damage than admitting to shortcomings and atoning for them.

Suresh Jain, the western region Sampark Parmukh of RSS, has said losses due to mistakes can be rectified by humbly admitting them and drawing lessons from them. “Mistakes do happen and cause damage. But, one can make up for the losses by humbly admitting the mistakes. By not admitting the mistakes and by remaining arrogant, one suffers more damage,” he said on his Facebook post.

He, however, did not name anyone in his post and made no direct reference to Bihar polls or BJP either. Jain is incidently in Vodadara, Gujarat, a state which Prime Minister Narendra Modi ruled for many years in a row before being elected to the top post.

The message comes two days after a humiliating defeat of the BJP at the hands of the grand alliance in high-stakes Bihar elections. Rumblings within the BJP have already started over who is responsible for the big defeat, a second one in a row for BJP after Delhi.

The loss is despite the around 30 rallies that Prime Minister Narendra Modi held in Bihar, besides other Union Ministers and leaders. While opposition has termed BJP’s loss due to ‘arrogance’ of its leadership, BJP leaders within have started demanding action against those responsible for the defeat.

Some NDA allies have felt remarks by some leaders cost the alliance.