Northeast men held for killing canine, consuming dog meat

New Delhi: Two men of the northeast were arrested on Friday for killing a canine and consuming the dog meat. The two out of the four men had made headlines for killing a stray dog in Munirka two weeks ago.

During the interrogation, the two admitted to having eaten the dog’s meat after killing it. They told the police they were unaware that killing and consuming dog’s meat in Delhi is a crime, reports India Today.

Police have arrested T David Haokip (23) and Lalminsang Khongsai (20) for the crime. The other two persons involved in the incident are still to be held.

The incident was captured on a CCTV camera on August 15 when four men were spotted walking in a narrow lane of South Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area in the dark hours of Tuesday. They killed a stray dog with a brick and stuffed the body in a bag before taking it away.

It has been learned that the two were living in a rented house in South Delhi and were preparing for the IAS examinations. On Independence Day, they planned to party and have the dog’s meat for dinner.

“Stray dogs are not easily available in Katwaria Sarai where Haokip lives. So they planned to party in Munirka at Khongsai’s house. In the evening they consumed liquor and then went on the streets to hunt for a stray dog. They searched for the stray dog for over half-an-hour, but didn’t found any,” said a police official close to the investigation.

After a long hunt, they found a stray dog sleeping and decided to kill it. In the meantime, one of their friends, who also hails from the Northeast, joined them as he was excited to eat the meat, the official said, quoting the confessional statements of the accused.
While giving the statement to police, they said: “We were not aware that killing a dog and eating its meat is illegal in Delhi, as it is a common practice in the northeastern states.”

The CCTV footage shoes that after hammering the dog to death, all four did a survey of the area as few locals were seen walking around the spot. Then one of them arranged a plastic bag to stuff the body.