North-east has no threat from ISIS: BSF

Agartala, Dec. 6 : Growing threats from the Islamic state has shaken the entire world. The Indian security forces, however, claim there is no such threat from the terror group along India’s borders in the north-eastern states.

Tragic scenes of terror in neighbouring Bangladesh are being claimed to be orchestrated by the Islamic State. Be it an attack on a Shiite mosque or an assault on an Italian citizen in Dhaka – the ISIS has confirmed its presence in Bangladesh by claiming responsibility.

The presence of ISIS in Bangladesh poses serious security problems, especially in the border states of Tripura, Assam, Mizoram and Meghalaya. The Indian security forces are extra conscious about dealing with threats from the Islamic State.

M. F. Farooqui, IG, Tripura Frontiera, said they are closely working the Border Guards Bangladesh.

“We are having a cordial atmosphere with the BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) and we are working in tandem and this ISIS problem is not an issue with us,” Farooqui told the media.

“Earlier this year, intelligence reports have suggested that the militant group might be planning to attack Assam, which has often threats from local outfits like ULFA. However, the security forces in the north-east are confident and ready to combat any kind of terror attack,” he added.

Farooqui further said the security forces in India and Bangladesh are closely monitoring the situation and keeping potential recruits under surveillance.

“This problem has never been highlighted here and we are safe and secure here and any impact of ISIS is not here in this region,” he added. (ANI)