‘Normalcy restored in Thoothukudi’

Thoothukudi: Normalcy has been restored in Thoothukudi District of Tamil Nadu, where 13 people were killed following a violent anti-Sterlite protest.

Sandeep Nanduri, Thoothukudi District Collector told ANI that from past 24 hours no act of violence has been reported.

“Normalcy has been restored in the city and the district. We have not noticed any unusual incident in the city in last 24 hrs. However, we have come across some incidents in the rural areas and we are reviewing the situations,” Nanduri told ANI.

The people of Thoothukudi have been protesting against Sterlite industries for months. The protesters were demanding a ban on the Sterlite Industries alleging that it was polluting groundwater and was hazardous for the environment.

The protests took a violent turn on May 22 when police opened fire on the protesters, which killed 13 people and left at least 102 injured. (ANI)