Noida: Owner helpless while Culprit steals phone uploads selfies to google drive

Noida: Young boys falling into wrong activities become criminals at a tender age. Nowadays the increasing need for a good lavish lifestyle among younger peers is pushing them to illegal and wrong activities where the youth is losing the sense of right and wrong and is only concerned about having things by any means if not provided by parents.

Recently a 32-yr-old employee ended up beaten by the three vicious thugs and one of them managed to escape the scene with his smartphone.

Manoj Sharma working with an automobile company, was on call while traveling at Sector 10, when these three thugs who were on a bike snatched his smartphone and fled the area. Manoj chased them until he caught them at sector 12 at a traffic signal but the three did not give in without a fight.

“They began beating me up. I somehow held on to two of them, but the third one sped away with my mobile phone,” he said. “There were many people at the traffic signal, but nobody came forward to help me. They simply stood and watched” said Sharma adding “But they did not bother to catch the one who got away”.

What surprises and enraged Sharma is that the thief who stole his cell is uploading his selfies to his drive, though the culprit’s recent location was tracked through GPS but the Police could still not get a hold of him.
He said “As I have synchronised my phone’s photo gallery with Google Drive, photographs – including selfies – clicked by the thief get uploaded to my account. I was even able to track the phone’s last location to Khoda in Ghaziabad, but Noida police haven’t initiated any action until now”.

Mr Sharma’s smartphone, an Oppo F3 Selfie Expert, costs around Rs 20,000.

The two culprits identified as Lucky Singh and Sachin Singh were handed to Sector 20 Police and have been arrested after a case was registered. The third culprit is absconding.

Arun Kumar Noida’s superintendent said Sharma’s phone will be placed under surveillance and the absconder will be arrested soon.

Mr. Sharma has appealed on social media to help him locate the culprit, sources reported.