Noida Murder: Father willing to bring murderer son on right path

Noida: The father of a 16-year-old son who committed gory murder of his own mother and sister in a fit of rage in Greater Noida last week says he is willing to do anything to bring his son back on the right path.

Leaving everything behind, this lone businessman father is now ready to battle to educate his son. He said that his son has not just committed the crime but has also brought himself self-destruction.

He says his son will now have to fight his own emotions that made him a murderer and also deal with the hatred that will now come on his way but he will still have to endure all that.

Last week, the 16-year-old culprit allegedly admitted to murdering his mother and sister in a rage of anger in Greater Noida.

The father said, “I have lost my wife and daughter, and the murderer is my own son. I have lost everything and there is no one to console me. What gives me strength now is my son and that is the sole reason why I am living now. As a father, I want to ensure he is stable.”

The culprit is currently in an observation home in Noida since he confessed his crime.
The inconsolable father said, “I haven’t spoken to him anything about the incident. The meeting becomes very emotional as he starts crying. He committed the murders in a fit of rage and now his behavior needs to mend.”

He added that he is now taking the guidance from the lawyers to help his son write his 10th class board exams.

“My son wasn’t a meritorious student but was good at studies. My wife would scold in order to discipline him. Even he never complained to me or showed any signs of anger. He had a very strong bonding with mother,” said the 47-year-old father.

He said that he only took away his son’s mobile phone as he was addicted to games in order to discipline him which he thought would help him concentrate on his exams.

Saying that he never received any complaint from the school authorities regarding his son’s behavior, he told HT, “Whenever the school administration notices any problem with a student related to performance or behavior, they report it to the parents. So far as merit is concerned, we knew he needed to work hard on academics, but his behavior was always sorted.”

The boy is now undergoing counseling at the observation home by the Child Psychologist. His first counseling lasted for 40 minutes this Thursday where the boy, though not revealing much, had spoken little about his family, which the psychologist is yet to confirm with his father.

According to the sources, one more setting is required to learn what made him commit the crime, adding that the boy seems absolutely normal and does not seem to be suffering from any mental or psychiatric problem.

“Every Thursday, five members can meet a juvenile at the observation home, and the boy has expressed a desire to meet his grandfather,” said an official.