Nobody can stop India from becoming economic superpower: Rajnath Singh

Rewari: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said demonetisation will bridge the gap between the rich and poor, adding nobody can stop India from a becoming an economic superpower in the next 15 years courtesy this visionary decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government.

Addressing a rally in Rewari, Haryana, Singh urged all to bear with this inconvenience for just a few days as this move will ensure golden future for India.

“This decision will bridge the gap between the rich and poor. I want to assure and even any economist is well-aware of this fact that no power can stop India from becoming an economic superpower in the next 15 years courtesy the steps initiated by Prime Minister Modi,” said Singh.

“You voted for us to ensure that there is not just a change in government but a change in system as well. We have begun working in that direction,” he added.

The Home Minister said this historic decision will bring an end to corruption, adding nobody will even dare to indulge in such acts.

“The Prime Minister has made an appeal to you and I reiterate the same that you may face problems for the time-being, but please bear it…We will always protect your honour, values and self-respect,” he added.

Throwing light on former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee`s assertion that “friends can be changed but not neighbours”, Singh while emphasizing on the steps initiated by the BJP-led NDA regime lashed out at Pakistan in the wake of the escalating tension at the Line of Control (LoC).

“Our government is not a weak government. You must have witnessed all governments made efforts to ensure good ties with the neighbouring nation Pakistan. Atal Bihari Vajpayee used to say `friends can be changed but not neighbours and so build good relations with all neighbouring nations`,” said Singh.

“Our Prime Minister invited all the neighbouring nations for his swearing-in ceremony. We wanted to give a message that we not only want to shake hands with our neighbours but match our hearts with them. But what did our Asian neighbour do. The terrorists from the other side of the border attacked our soldiers. But I want to salute the valour of our armed forces for giving a befitting reply,” he added.

The Home Minister further said Pakistan is making desperate attempts to weaken India with the help of terrorism.

“Terrorism is the weapon of cowards and not the mighty. But we have in the last two years given a befitting reply to all those trying to weaken our nation,” he added.

Attempting to corner the former Congress-led UPA regime, Singh said that there was an increase in instances of Naxalism, terrorism and insurgency earlier.

“But today there has been a decline in both. Naxal attacks decreased by 60 percent, insurgency decreased by 75 percent. I want to assure you that the government which you have voted to power is of strong-hearted people. We want to establish a peaceful environment in the country where there are no instances of Naxalism, terrorism and insurgency,” he added.

The Home Minister also used the occasion to woo the farming community and highlighted the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana that aims to provide insurance coverage and financial support to the farmers in the event of failure of any of the notified crop as a result of natural calamities, pests and diseases.

“Our government understands extremely well that India cannot develop without the development of farmers,” he said.