‘Nobel Peace Prize bug has bitten PM Modi’: Congress

New Delhi : The Congress Party on Sunday came down hard on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not disclosing as to what transpired between him and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in Lahore, saying the former was bitten by ‘Nobel Peace Prize bug’.

“Prime Minister Modi has been bitten by Nobel Peace Prize bug, he has realised that there is nothing that he can do in the country, so suddenly he has turned towards Pakistan,” Congress leader Manish Tewari told ANI.

“Nawaz Sharif is an old victim of the bug, our Prime Minister has become new victim of the bug,” he added.

Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister’s visit to Pakistan, Tewari said he should tell people what transpired between him and Nawaz Sharif.

“He has come from an extended visit of Russia, Afghanistan and air drop into Lahore. The country doesn’t know what happened in Bangkok when the NSA level talks took place, this nation doesn’t know what happened in the Heart of Asia Conference when the Foreign Minister went there,” he added.

Tewari also added that it is very dangerous to outsource diplomacy to the corporates.

“If Corporates become people who are mid-wifing the relationship between both the nations, it is an extremely dangerous precedent. So, Prime Minister Modi should tell what transpired between him and Nawaz Sharif and he should clear the air that is there ‘an oligarchy’ who is brokering the relation between India and Pakistan,” he said.

Prime Minister Modi in his bi-monthly radio address Mann Ki Baat, said his government will announce the action plan of his ambitious ‘Start-up India, Stand up India’ on January 16. (ANI)