Nobel Laureates bury time capsule in earth for descendents

Jalandhar: Maybe to give a glimpse of clumsy lifestyle and unyielding gadgets of the early decades of 21st century, a time capsule containing utility and other items was buried here on Friday by two Nobel Laureates, which will remain buried till next 100 years to come.

Israeli biochemist Avram Herschko and British-born American physicist Duncan Haldane buried the capsule which contained 100 items from today’s world, which included an air-fryer, a tape recorder, a smart phone, an air filter, a drone, a hard disk containing some documentaries, an induction cooktop, and replica of Tejas, Brahmos, and Mangalyaan.

This burying, or rather mummifying, took place at the Lovely Professional University (LPU) here, which is hosting the 106th Indian Science Congress and for which the three Nobelist – – third one being American-German biochemist Thomas Sudhof– were invited to give lectures to students and other scientists.

The Capsule was made by students from various departments of the university and was buried at a depth of 10 feet. A plaque has been erected above it bearing the message that the ‘Time Capsule will be opened on 3rd January, 2119’.