No written representation, no email from local party about Muslim reservations

Hyderabad: At the time when the Muslims of Telangana State are struggling to get the percentage of reservations for them enhanced hoping that BCs Commission would do justice, they were astonished to see the insensitivity of the local party which claims to represent the Muslims.

Instead of making forceful representation before BC Commission the local party made only a formal representation in order to show its face to the Muslims to prove that MIM also supports the cause.

Floor leader of MIM and MLAs during the public hearing of BCs Commission had said that they would contact the commission within next two days with detailed statistics and legal points but no representative contacted the commission. There is no intimation about any written representation or email. Representatives of various organizations of the districts told that the ally of the Govt. should have felt its responsibility to make a representation to BCs Commission but it did not happened.

When the MLAs of MIM had contacted BCs Commission during public hearing, their newspaper had clearly mentioned that formal representation has already been made and detailed statistics would be presented in the next two days.

–Siasat News