No water supply on Sept 30

Due to Maintain repairs on 1600mm dia PSC Ring Main-I of KDWSP Ph-II at different locations from Sahebnagar to Mailardevpally pumping station stretch, it is proposed to take 24 hours shut down i.e, from 6 AM on September 30.

Due to this shutdown, there will be no water supply on 30th September (Wednesday) to the following areas: Rajeevgruhakalpa at Almasguda, ARCI at Balapur under O&M Div.No.X. Babanagar, Pisalbanda, Riyasathnagar, Moin bagh, Fateh shah nagar, Shamshabad Airport, Midhani, DRDL, RCI, CRPF, Uppuguda, Saibaba nagar, Shivajinagar, Lalithabagh and GM Nagar under O&M Div.No.II.

The residents of the above mentioned areas have been requested to store sufficient water and use conservatively so as to use the same on shut down day. (INN)