No use of this sort of conferences: Jeevan Reddy

CLP Deputy leader T Jeevan Reddy has alleged that the TRS government was organising World Telugu Conferences not for the sake of development of the language but in political angle.

Speaking to the media at Assembly Media Hall here on Friday, Jeevan Reddy alleged that the government was not implementing Telugu language sincerely as it was showing enthusiasm in World Telugu Conferences. He said the children of rich people were in private schools and children of poor were in government schools. There will be no use of this sort of Conferences till the government erased the inequalities in education. He demanded that the government give 25 percent reservation to the poor children in private schools as per Right to Education Act. He also demanded that the State government implement RTE. Stating that AICC former president Sonia Gandhi was the real leader and brought several historical laws during UPA regime, Jeevan Reddy said Sonia Gandhi had cleared the decades old Telangana issue by respecting the aspirations of Telangana people. (NSS)