No unrest in the country: Venkaiah Naidu

New Delhi: There is no “unrest” in the country, and the unrest is only in the “minds of opponents”, union minister M. Venkaiah Naidu said on Tuesday.

The minister was asked about protests in universities and the situation of farmers.

“There is no unrest in the country, the unrest is in the minds of the opponents,” Naidu said in an interaction with journalists at the Indian Women Press Corps.

He said the unrest was only in 3-4 universities, out of hundreds of universities in India.

“There is no question of accepting actions like what happened in JNU,” he said, adding that public opinion was with the government.

He also took a jibe at Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s support to agitating Jawaharlal Nehru University students.

“… And who did they go to, Rahul Gandhi… What freedom did they (Congress) give them in 50 years?” he said.

The minister, however, admitted that agriculture in the country was facing a crisis, and said the government was taking steps to improve the situation of farmers.