‘No trouble, no happiness’: MP minister makes bizarre comments on fuel hike

New Delhi: Amid concerning hike of fuel prices in the country, Madhya Pradesh minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Om Prakash Saklecha on Saturday, defending the hike said that: “If there’s no trouble, you won’t be able to enjoy happiness”.

“Troubles make you realize the happiness of good times. if there’s no trouble, you won’t be able to enjoy happiness,” replied the Minister when asked about the runaway fuel rates in the country.

Saklecha blamed the media for ‘spreading rumors’ when pointed out that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has failed to check the steep hike in fuel rates.

Drawing a comparison with the Congress regime, Mr. Saklecha alleged that the grand old party took 40 years to vaccinate against polio whereas Modi got the Made In India COVID-19 vaccine in a year and the vaccination drive is underway.

In the five metros – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad – the petrol prices have crossed the ₹100-mark. Currently, petrol and diesel rates are the most expensive in Mumbai among the four metro cities of the country, according to the state-run oil refiner. Fuel rates vary across the states due to value-added tax.

Global cues pushed fuel prices to increase again across the country on Monday adding more misery to the common man already grappling with rising food prices amid shrinking income.