No takers for Rubat accommodation in Makkah

Accommodation for 597 pilgrims is being arranged in Rubat, Makkah, during Hajj 2015 but officials are surprised over lack of interest on part of the aspirants in getting Rubat accommodation. Nizam Awqaf Committee began issuing permit letters to selected aspirants of Azizia Category two days ago, however aspirants’ response is quite disappointing. It is said that not even 100 aspirants applied for the permit to stay in Rubat. Now that only 3 days are left for the aspirants to apply for permit letter, Hajj Committee and Awqaf Committee is worried as to how to persuade Hajj aspirants to avail the facility.

It must be noted that Hyderabadi Rubat could accommodate only 253 pilgrims but Rubat Caretaker Husain Mohammed Shareef on the request of Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Kahn and State Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Mahmood Ali had decided to arrange accommodation for 600 pilgrims. For which two more buildings were taken on rent.

Rubat is situated very near to the Haram Shareef and each pilgrim can save Rs. 46100 by getting Rubat accommodation. Besides this Rubat Caretaker has also arranged food and laundry for 597 pilgrims on his own expense.

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