No takers for govt. honourarium despite Jamia Nizamia fatwa

Telangana government has announced monthly honourarium to Imams and Muezzins however there are no takers for the government’s scheme. Although online submission of the applications began on November 27, not more than 500 applications were received from across the state where as the government sets a target to pay Rs. 1000 as monthly honourarium to Imams and Muezzins of 5000 masajid. The scheme is being implemented by the Waqf Board and Rs. 12 Cr has been earmarked for that.

The department has relaxed some rules for the beneficiaries still the lack of interest on part of Imams and Muezzins has worried Waqf Board officials. The last date to submit applications for the scheme is December 30.

It is said that Muslim Personal Law Board is also against receiving government honourarium and considers it an intervention in Masajid affairs. It must be noted that the government had also sought fatwa from Jamia Nizamia which states government honourarium as ‘Mubah’ means optional.

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