No rule of law in Bihar: Rajiv Pratap Rudy

New Delhi : There is no rule of law in Bihar, claimed Minister of State (Independent Charge) Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Rajiv Pratap Rudy.

In an interview given to Jagdeesh Chandra, CEO, Zee Media, during his weekly program ‘A Dialogue with JC’, Rudy said, “In a population of 11 crores, four crore people of Bihar live outside the state. Due to corruption in Bihar, caste is above development. There is no administration in Bihar and politics revolves around caste. Corruption and development are not issues there. Bihar has family rule, racism and appeasement which are the three philosophies for victory.”

He further added that the philosophy of work at the national level and what is happening in Bihar is totally different.

On being asked what’s going to happen in Bihar, Rudy said that everyone speaks well before the election, but during voting, everything becomes caste related.

“There is no rule in Bihar and things like power, family, caste continue to prevail there. So, it is no wonder that someone is threatening,” he said.

Rudy also added that there is a large majority of people in democracy and if something happens between Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Lalu Prasad Yadav and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, then there is scope for change.

“We (BJP) are outside Bihar and we are seeing all the evils of Bihar. And you people have the numbers, we don’t. Now, when the public will give us a chance, we will consider,” he said.

“Lalu Yadav had already been convicted. He could not contest the elections, and therefore, his wife contested the elections and won,” he said.

He further said that Lalu was banned because of a one thousand crore scandal.

“The scam that has come out this time is ten thousand crores,” Rudy said.

He said that Lalu and family have blamed the government at the Centre for everything.

“You are the railway minister, you have given the contract, made a shell company, made yourself a director, and after that, you made your children directors, then you say my children were so young to be involved.

“This is our system which is working against corruption, otherwise, when he was a minister in the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government, he had managed to make decisions for the court,” said Rudy. (ANI)