No religion teaches violence: Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: Home Minister Rajnath Singh today said no religion teaches violence but much of the violence in the world now take place in the name of religion.

Addressing the 17th conference of World Chief Justices here, Singh said those who believe in God and religion and also those who are atheists and believe in humanism must keep themselves away from any kind of crime or violence.

“However, today much of the violence is surprisingly being created in the name of religion and against the principles of the religion,” he said.

Singh said the world is currently facing different kinds of threat and terrorism and separatism are the biggest ones.

Singh said no one cannot remain oblivious to different kinds of threats, organised conflicts and serious disturbances that the world is currently facing.

“Terrorism, extremism and separatism are the biggest threats the world has to deal with,” he said.

The Home Minister said with the advancement of technology, terrorism poses even bigger threats all over the world.

“Thousands of innocent people are becoming victims of violence. Since terrorism has engulfed different parts of the world, therefore, there is a need for the world leaders to unite and fight this menace, which is a danger to the humanity,” he said.

Singh said India is a victim of various kinds of terrorist activities including cross-border terrorism.

He said since the wings of terror are spreading all over, therefore, it has to be firmly and unitedly dealt with.

“As I have been saying, a terrorist is a terrorist and there cannot be two different definitions of terrorist like a ‘good terrorist’ and a ‘bad terrorist’. All terrorists are to be dealt with in the strictest possible terms by all the nations of the world,” he said.

The Home Minister said cyber crime is another cause of concern which is posing bigger threats with the advancement in information technology.

“International disputes of various kinds and dimensions coupled with the everyday increasing stocks of armaments of mass destruction including nuclear weapons are yet other forms of hazards that the world is facing today,” he said.