There is no provision of separate flag: Centre to Karnataka

New Delhi: The Home Ministry has said, there is no provision in the Constitution for a separate flag for any state and there is one flag to represent our nation.

“We are one nation, one flag. Legally there is no provision either for providing or prohibiting a separate flag for any state,” a home ministry spokesperson said.

Karnataka has an unofficial red-and-yellow flag which is used for cultural events and as a symbol of Kannada pride. An official also made it clear, the flag is not used in national ceremonies like Republic Day or Independence Day but on occasions like state foundation day, DH reports.

The demand of a separate flag by Congress-led state government of Karnataka is a result of Centre imposing Hindi on Kannada-speaking people of the state.

A nine-member committee has been formed by Karnataka’s Congress government and tasked with submitting a report on designing the separate flag for the state and providing a legal standing for it.

The only state with a separate flag is Jammu and Kashmir which enjoys special powers under Article 370 of the Constitution.