No proof of corruption against Alok Verma: SC’s monitor Justice

NEW DELHI: There is “no evidence” of corruption against the former CBI chief Alok Verma, revealed sensationally by Justice AK Patnaik, a former Supreme Court judge.

Justice (retired) Patnaik was tasked to supervise the CVC probe into the alleged corruption allegations termed the decision taken by the high-power panel led by PM Modi against Verma “very very hasty” and the entire enquiry was held on CBI special director, Rakesh Asthana’s complaint.

“The removal of Alok Verma by the PM-led panel was a very very hasty decision,” said Justice Patnaik. “There was no evidence against Verma regarding corruption. The entire enquiry was held on Asthana’s complaint. I have said in my report that none of the findings in the CVC’s report are mine,” as reported by the The Indian Express.

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While describing about the events which unfolded this week, Justice Patnaik, said, “Even if the Supreme Court said that the high-power committee must decide, the decision was very, very hasty. We are dealing with an institution here. They should have applied their mind thoroughly, especially as a Supreme Court judge was there. What the CVC says cannot be the final word.”

On Thursday, January 10, Verma was shunted out of the CBI and transferred him as DG Fire Services and Home Guard. However, the former CBI Director refused to take up the new job and quit from the service on Friday.

In his resignation letter, Verma said, “Natural justice was scuttled and the entire process was turned upside down in ensuring that the undersigned is removed from the post of the Director.”

“As a career bureaucrat, it is the idea of my integrity that has been the driving force for four decades in public service,” Verma had said in his resignation letter.