No place for person of values in Telangana Waqf Board, MIM mounts pressure on govt. for Asadullah’s transfer

Hyderabad: Telangana Waqf Board has no place for honest and person of values. Waqf Mafia and its patron MIM have always run campaign against such honest officers. Similarly campaign based on baseless allegations against present Chief Executive Officer Mohammed Asadullah has begun so that government should not extend his term.

It must be noted that Mohammed Asadullah’s term as Chief Executive Officer expires on October 24 and keeping in view his good performance and value based administration, government has decided to extend his tenure but as soon as it got the hint from chief Minister regarding extension of tenure of Asadullah, MIM has begun its campaign for transfer of Asadullah so can it regain its control over Waqf Board.

MIM for its vested interest, wants that Syed Omer Jaleel must be retained as Competent Authority. MIM believes that it played important role in appointment of Syed Omer Jaleel hence it wants to retain officer of its choice, while Mohamed Asadullah is a big obstacle in its wilful activities and land grabbing. At a time when Mohammed Asadullah’s services are widely praised, MIM has begun mounting pressure on government for his transfer.

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