No more photos at Kabah without official permits, pilgrims advised to concentrate on rituals

Makkah: The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Kabah and Masjid-e-Nabavi informed the pilgrims not to take selfies inside the Grand Mosque of Makkah.

According to the report published in Arab News, it further stated that those who are interested in taking photographs at this holy place should obtain an official permit from the authorities.

Talking to media, Assistant under the Deputy for Grand Mosque, Mashhour Al-Mun’emi told that Presidency advised the pilgrims to pay attention to performing their rituals instead of wasting time in taking photos.

Speaking on this issue, Atiah Al-Youssefi, Professor of Islamic Law, said that the objective of imposing a ban on photography at these holy places is to avoid wasting time.

He further said that stopping at the starting point of tawaf for taking photographs could confuse other pilgrims.

Crowd Management In-charge, Akram Jan told that this activity affects crowd movement and it can cause a stampede. Thus, pause to take photograph can prove dangerous and it harms the safety of many pilgrims.

It may be mentioned that to create awareness among the pilgrims, the Ministry of Haj and Umrah has issued a circular to all Haj and Umrah offices.