“No one knows Telangana like KCR,” Says Kavita as TRS is sweeping TG

The TRS moved ahead of rivals in Telangana, establishing a huge gap with closest rival Congress. The party of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) was heading for a landslide in India’s newest state, trends indicated.

KCR’s daughter K Kavitha said “We are seeing the response of the people. The hard work in four and a half years has paid off,” said Ms Kavitha. “Nobody knows Telangana like KCR. The coalition was never a threat to KCR.

While referring to Mr Naidu’s attempts to bring opposition parties together over the past few weeks, she said “This is only a battle showcased on paper. We are in touch with people on the grassroots and people are with KCR, Mr Babu tried to hide his failures in Andhra Pradesh, he hijacked the mahagatbhandhan and jumped into campaign in Telangana.”

She further added that “We will go wider, we will go to national politics. Tomorrow we will certainly declare a national agenda and there is a need for a national alternative.”