No National politics as focus is on TS Welfare–KCR

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today claimed that Telangana State was achieved after a long bloodless battle and now the Government is giving top priority for welfare and development.
Stating that he had no interest in national politics, KCR has said he has to develop Telangana as the best state in India and stated they surpassed power crisis in just six months and now improved its production to cater to future needs. He also reiterated that efforts are on to irrigate one crore acres by 2020 by completing all the projects.

Interacting with Rajdeep Sardesai during India Today 2018 Conclave at Park Hayat here, the chief minister said that Andhra Pradesh cannot compete with Telangana in development. ‘We have conducted the movement for statehood in a non violent mode and achieved it’, he said. Stating that Hyderabad is noted for unity of divergent cultures, he said that 50 per cent reservations are not sufficient and Muslim should get their due. There is no need of comparing Hyderabad with Gujarat or Singapore as the capital was ignored by rulers prior to bifurcation.

The city is making rapid strides in all sectors and it was estimated to cost about Rs 25000 crore for redeveloping it for a global image, he said adding that he is for new Secretariat as the existing one was not appreciated by a Malaysia minister. ‘My family members were jailed during statehood movement and later on people elected them as leaders’ he said. He listed out the schemes of welfare and flagship programs being appreciated at national level.

Giving impetus on human resources the state is poised for welfare schemes as 35 lakh sheep were distributed increasing the total to 50 lakh now, giving employment to Yadavas and will export meat to other states and nations in future. Telangana was deprived of its water share by the earlier successive governments and CWC appreciated our projects for speedy completion and the government has irrigated 6.5 lakh acres in backward Mahabubnagar district. With just 6000 mw power initially, Telangana increased it to 14000 mw now and working on a target to increase it to 28000 mw in 2020. Telangana is number one in welfare and will be ideal in agriculture in future and will be no suicides by farmers in future. We will give Rs 4000 per acre crop investment to benefit 71 lakhs of farmers besides giving 24 hour power to farm sector and waiving off Rs 17000 cr crop loans.
Water resources in the city were destroyed during past regimes and Hyderabad will be developed as garden city. ‘Entire Telangana is my family and my emotions are with the people and will help statehood agitators and respect those who fought during 1969 movement’, KCR said. (NSS)