No love for Cow, but its just to spread hatred against Minorities

Dadri lynching, Death of truck driver in Kashmir and many unreported incidents show that the political love for the cow is a pretext for Muslim-hatred.

No amount of condemnation of this tendency will stop attacks on Muslims and on other beef-eating communities like Dalits and Christians as it is only a hatred mask wore beneath the Cow love.

Hindu extremist cry for Mother cow but the same Hindutva brigades forget the Hindu animal sacrifice festivals which get media attention world over in which thousands of animals are killed ruthlessly.

There’s a ritual of sacrificing cow which is still performed in many temples of Himachal Pradesh, especially at the Pashupatinath Temple.

According to reports most of the export factories are run by non-Muslims. Hindu sell cow once it stops giving milk. The world’s largest beef meat exporter countries are Brazil followed by India, Australia, USA and UK.

Ironically many Hindu Businessmen are the largest beef suppliers of India, like Al Kabira and etc. But how do we speak about RSS disingenuously. They speak about love for cows? Why don’t they ban export of cow? Why do Hindus sell off cows once it stop giving milk?

Ban beef, declare all slaughter houses illegal, lynch people who eat beef, and justify all this using complex arguments, these are all what Hindutva is doing.

Do we ask them about their disdain for ‘the brown cows’, the buffaloes, whose industrial slaughter has made India the largest exporter of beef (buffalo-meat) in the world in 2015? Why do the big cow exporter companies are own by Hindus?

Or do we swallow our disgust for their hypocrisy and Muslim hatred and continue to get targeted? Well, it is when hypocrisy is the order of the day and air is heavy with hatred that one needs to unleash the transformative capacity of free and fearless speech.

So where are the cow-lovers wrong other than in their fascistic manner of invoking animal rights to disguise and legitimize their hatred of Muslims, Dalits and Christians?

Well, to being with, these ‘animal rights activists’ should get some clarity on the concept of animal rights, the legal status of animals and the kind of rights that can be offered to them within the current legal framework.

In the name of protecting the cow and safeguarding its rights the Hindu nationalists are violating the human rights of minorities as well as other Hindu beef-eaters.

But what is this Hindutva which has indirectly coerced a meat-eating third-world country to suddenly think seriously about the rights of cows? Are the Hindu nationalists really concerned about the rights of animals? The answer of course is no, but it is time to spell out clearly what the Hindutva ideology really stands for.

Hindutva is a religio-nationalist ideology of affirming the supremacy of Hindus in other words it is the ideology and politics of Muslim and Dalit elimination.