No lapse on part of government, says Rajnath Singh on Jat agitation

On the violence that erupted during the Jat reservation protests, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said there was no lapse on the part of Haryana or Central governments with regard to the Jat reservation issue.
“I don’t think there have been any lapse on the part of State and Central government with regard to the Jat reservation issue,” Singh said in the Rajya Sabha.

Singh also claimed that the Haryana Government had I advance intelligence about the possibility of a Jat stir.
“As far as intelligence is concerned, the state government was aware that a protest on Jat reservation is going to be held. The state government was under the impression that talks between their (Jat) representatives were underway with the Centre and that the matter will be resolved. Centre had also issued an advisory to the state in time,” he added.
The Union minister also said that a three member committee has been constituted to probe the entire matter on the Jat reservation issue.
“We await for their report. Calling it a failure of State Governmnet before the committee submits its report, would be injustice to the State Governmnet,” Singh said in the Upper House.