No immediate relief for people of Bihar as heat wave to continue for next 48 hours

Hyderabad: There will be no immediate relief from the heat wave for the people of Bihar as the Met department on Saturday predicted that heat wave conditions will continue for next 48 hours in west and central parts of the state.

“After two days, the temperature will be down by one or two notches but the people will not feel any relief from the searing heat as the temperature would again rise due to heatwave,” India Meteorological Department (IMD), heatwave,” India Meteorological Department (IMD), Patna, Director Ashish Sen told Ashish Sen told PTI.

This will continue for a week due to prevailing dry and hot conditions, Sen said.

Met official sources said that the heat wave situation is prevailing in the state due to dry and hot westerly winds that has singed the entire state for past couple of days.

Normally, hot and dry winds blow at the speed of 6 to 8 km per hour but at present, it is blowing at 20 km per hour, official sources said.

Patna, the state capital, today recorded the temperature at 43.3 degree C which is six degrees above normal while Gaya too recorded a maximum temperature of 43.3 degree C. Both cities recorded highest temperature for today.

Patna’s minimum temperature was 25.5 degree C while Gaya recorded a minimum temperature of 25.7 degree C.

Bhagalpur recorded a maximum of 41.4 degree C with 23.0 minimum temperature while Purnea recorded a maximum of 38.9 degree C with 22.5 degree minimum temperature.

The MeT department has forecast that Gaya will be hottest tomorrow with maximum temperature expected to be around 44 degree C while Patna will have a maximum temperature of 43 degree C tomorrow.