Once again, ‘No Helmet No Petrol’ campaign in and around Dharamshala

Dharamshala: To discourage people from riding two-wheelers without wearing helmets, the police here have decided to launch the second edition of its ‘no helmet no petrol’ campaign, aimed at creating awareness about road safety.

The campaign, devised by the Kangra district police, was first held here in August last year to ensure people followed road safety measures.

As a result, the district police have requested petrol pump owners to not let anyone refill petrol if caught without wearing helmet for a week.

“We have held meetings with petrol pump owners in the entire district. All of them are willing to help the police in its campaign,” SP Kangra, Sanjeev Gandhi said.

Petrol pump owners have been asked to educate two-wheeler owners on the need for helmets.

Gandhi also highlighted the success of the campaign held here last year.

“Following the campaign, a 40 per cent reduction was observed in accidents involving two-wheelers last year,” he said.

He said 40 per cent of the total traffic volume in the district was of two-wheelers. In majority of towns, 90 per cent or more two-wheeler riders were now wearing helmets.

The police have decided to relaunch the campaign in and around Dharamshala and the entire Kangra district.

“Last year about 80 per cent compliance was observed, especially in urban areas,” Gandhi said.

The authorities at the Tanda Medical College have confirmed that the number of trauma accidents involving two- wheelers had dropped.

“Since accidents involving two-wheelers are fatal, especially if the riders are not wearing helmets, we have initially targeted them under the road safety programme,” he said.