No Haleem in Hyderabad even if the lockdown is lifted

Nihad Amani

Hyderabad: Hyderabad is the haleem capital of India. Yet, to the disappointment all Indians, especially Hyderabadis, there will be no haleem this Ramadan, the peak sale of the Indianised dish. Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that it has been Hyderabadised because no other city in the country makes haleem overflowing with so exclusive taste and aroma.

According to some estimates about 600 big, medium and small eateries sell Haleem every Ramadan and earn a total turnover of Rs. 1,000 crore. It is served in more than 600 restaurants with an approximate income of 1,000 crores every year across the state.  

No Haleem in Hyderabad even if the lockdown is lifted

Not only does the dish earn crores but it also lightens up the iftar feasts of Muslims and non-Muslims who wait for the month to arrive. 

Haleem- Ramadan delight was bought to the state by the Chaush from Arab state for the Nizams. The dish then embedded in the Indian cuisine with Indian flavours and is served globally.

“The decision to not serve haleem was a result of growing pandemic and taking precautionary measure,” said MA Majeed, the President of the Hyderabad Haleem Association. 

“We will not be serving haleem even if the lockdown is lifted as there would be a curfew from 6 pm and we cannot cook the dish. Serving haleem to during peak times is difficult when social distancing prevents more than a certain amount of people being in a public place,” he added.

“With tons of meat and lots of spices the dish would be made in humongous quantity,” informed MA Majeed.

“With a lot of meat and other spices as ingredients, almost 450 tons of haleem is cooked during Ramadan in Shadaaze Restaurant.” stated a source.

The only reprieves are left via the Instagram pages of restaurants like Global Kitchen, and SB Haleem who will provide haleem without delivery and with delivery after lockdown.

“As we are cooking haleem in our homes we will not be providing haleem with delivery outlets but we will be take orders for pickups while adhering to lockdown norms. Moreover, the prices will be a bit higher with mutton prices skyrocketing. But if the lockdown is lifted we will get back to providing delivery,” said Nuha Ifteqar, Global Kitchen an Instagram outlet.