No more fighting over ‘equal’ pizza slices

Melbourne: If you are having trouble in dividing ‘equal’ portions of your pizza, then this news is for you.
Mathematicians Joel Haddley and Stephen Worsley devised a way to slice and dice a pizza into almost endless identical slices with a method called monohedral disc telling, reports

The work builds on previous research that showed it was possible to cut a pie in 12 equal slices by cutting six pieces into a curvy star-shape from the center, and then halving each of those pieces, like so.

The new way starts with the cutting technique above, but this time the pieces are instead made up of an odd number of straight sides. Each of those can then be cut up into equal slices, creating almost limitless equal pieces.

Now, this of course will make one feel that geometry should be kept out of kitchen! (ANI)