No environmental clearance for A.P. Capital Project

Vijayawada: Former Finance Secretary E.A.S. Sharma alleged that the project of A.P. Capital did not environmental clearance yet. In such a case it is not appropriate for the PM to participate in foundation laying ceremony on 22nd October. He wrote a letter to Principal Secretary to PM, Mr. Nrupendra Mishra saying that Ministry of Home Affairs constituted a committee under section 6 of A.P. Reorganization Act under the chairmanship of Mr. Shivaraman Krishnan for considering alternative capital for A.P.

Ministry of Home Affairs specifically told the committee to take into consideration not to disrupt agricultural system and also transfer of population should be kept minimal. In addition to this it was also stressed that natural resources such as water reservoirs should be protected. All these are required to minimize the dangers of flood, cyclone and earthquakes.

Mr. Sharma further said that Shivarama Krishnan Committee submitted a comprehensive report but State Govt. violated it and decided to setup capital in Vijayawada, Guntur region. For this purpose people were also not consulted. PM therefore should not participate in this function.

–Siasat News