‘I haven’t taken Dowry’- Declaration trending on Wedding Cards

If not us, Who? If not now, When?

HYDERABAD: Latest trend of adding a line on Wedding cards have begun. The line comes as declaration by the groom stating “I am not taking dowry”.

Harvard educated R S Praveen Kumar, an IPS officer who is the secretary, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, declared this war against dowry and all the ‘Swaeroes’, as the alumni call themselves are following it. The name ‘Swaero’ stands for state welfare Aero. The Greek word for ‘sky’ is Aero. These Alumni of the institution are getting married by proclaiming that they are not taking dowry.

“Hail the Dowry-Busters. Our campaign is catching up. Rewrite history guys,” Praveen Kumar encouraging ‘swaeroes’ not to take dowry.


  • Andey Bhaskar and Ganga Jamuna will have a stage marriage at ZPHC High School ground in Andey village of Mirdoddi in Siddipet on May 14. On their invitation, they have written: “I say no to dowry” and “This is a dowry-free marriage” and declaring “I am a swaero”.


  • Another wedding is to take place on May 5. Chakry and Sirisha will tie the knot on May 5 at Dharmaram village in Geesugonda mandal in Warangal. “I am not taking dowry” appears on top of the wedding invitation.


  • A couple got married on April 21 with the declaration appearing on the wedding card: “Nenu swaero ni katnam theesukovadam ledhu (I am a swaero and I am not taking dowry).

“Trying to practice what we are preaching. This is a ‘No Dowry Declaration’ printed on the wedding invitation of Manohar Swaero,” said Praveen Kumar.

“Dowry system must be erased from our culture. Swaeroes will be leading this revolution. If not us, Who? If not now, When?”