No development in Varanasi under previous Govts: PM Modi

New Delhi: Addressing a public event in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that development was stalled in the region, under the previous Governments.

“During previous governments, there was no development in Varanasi, development projects were stalled. But when the people voted for us and chose the Bharatiya Janata Party government, the region started moving forward on the path to development,” he said.

“A new Varanasi is being built for New India, its soul will be ancient but its body will be modern. There will be culture and traditions in every corner of it but the facilities provided to it will be ‘smart’,” he added.
The Prime Minister also revealed details of the upcoming projects, which have been approved.

He said, “So far more than 200 projects of Rs 21,000 Crore have been approved to keep river Ganga clean and see that the waste of the cities is not dumped in the river.”

He also spoke about the culture of Varanasi and how world leaders are also left mesmerised by its charms, “Whenever I meet the PM of Japan, I see that he always recounts his experience in Varanasi to any Indian who meets him. The way you welcomed the President of France…they still praise it. That is the culture of Varanasi, that is the love of Varanasi.”

Prime Minister Modi in his constituency, Varanasi, paved the path for several important projects worth over Rs 900 crore during his visit.

Among the important projects dedicated are the Varanasi City Gas Distribution Project and the Varanasi-Ballia EMU train. (ANI)