No currency notes were burnt by Security Press in Nashik

Mumbai: A union leader of Nashik-based India Security Press today said here that no currency notes were burnt at the Press, as has been reported.

Addressing reporters here, Jagdish Godse, General Secretary of Press Mazdoor Sangh, claimed that the burnt item was defected printing paper and not currency notes.

“The India Security Press had a stock of paper to be used for printing the currency notes. However, the paper manufactured by a British company De La Rue could not be used for printing currency notes as it had some defects.

“The paper was lying unused since 2010. It has been burnt as per the rules. The work was going on since last eight months,” he said.

Godse also claimed that only 179 currency notes were printed with missing security features and not 30 crore as was reported in sections of the media recently.

“All currency notes of denomination of Rs 1000 which are in circulation are safe,” he said.

RBI had reportedly sent back the currency notes of denomination of Rs 1000 after it received several complaints saying that these notes were faulty.

Godse denied reports that the Press recently burnt 30 crore currency notes of denominations of Rs 1000 each because some security features were missing.

No official of the ISP could be reached for reaction in Nashik.