No country for women: Hyderabad hotel refuses pre-booked room to ‘single lady’

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: A Bengaluru woman who was denied room in a Hyderabad hotel because she was a ‘single’ lady, on Monday said the hotel authority blatantly denied her services without giving pertinent explanation.

Asserting that she wishes more steps to be taken in regard to facilitate lone women travellers, 23-year-old Nupur Saraswat told ANI that the hotel authorities citing safety reason asked her to go alone in a alien city.

Saraswat said, however, this was an extreme incident, she in the past has experienced that the idea of lone women traveller does not go well in India.

“The hotel denied me a room, the manager blatantly without realising that I am a lone single traveller in a different city brushed me off. The site from where I booked the room refunded my money and apologised but no back up was provided. I was not even given a pertinent explanation,” said Swaraswat.

“They asserted that it is for my safety, but if they would have really cared about my safety, they would have not thrown me out on the streets to wander. Women travellers are a surprise. I want that women travellers can travel alone and safely,” he added.

Saraswat was denied a pre-booked accommodation at a Hyderabad hotel because she was a “single lady traveller”.