No country should ‘use’ or ‘support’ terrorism: PM Modi

Continuing his strong stand against terrorism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday condemned the recent string of terror attacks across the globe, saying that it was a dark shadow that is spreading fast and called for a new global resolve to combat terrorism.

Addressing the 10th East Asia Summit here, he stressed that new strategies needed to be formulated on a global scale without balancing it against political considerations, to combat the menace of terrorism.

“In this forum we often thought of terrorism as a peripheral problem for this region. The barbaric terror strikes in Paris, Ankara, Beirut, Mali and on the Russian aircraft is a stark reminder that its shadow stretches across our society and our world, both in recruitment and choice of targets,” the Prime Minister said.

He asserted that no country should ‘use’ or ‘support’ terrorism and emphasized that there is no distinction between terror groups.

“There are no sanctuaries, no funds. There is no access to arms. But we also have to work within our societies and with our youth,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Modi strongly welcomed the commitment to dissociate terrorism from religion and the efforts to promote human values defining ‘every’ faith.

Earlier, during his visit to the United Kingdom, he called for targeted economic sanctions to choke funding of terror groups in order to stop attacks like the one in Paris.

“The dastardly acts committed in Paris are a grim reminder that terrorists have acquired remarkable capability and adaptability in meeting their funding requirements. They derive funding from a variety of criminal activities which includes smuggling of narcotics, bank robberies, data theft, fake currency and state-sponsored funding in failed states. Disrupting such fund flows constrains the capability of terrorists,” he said at the Sixth Global Focal Point Conference on Asset Recovery.

Prime Minister Modi arrived here on Saturday early morning to attend 10th ASEAN-India Summit and 13th East Asia Summit. (ANI)