No breakthrough in TS-AP Ministers meet on buses

The Transport Ministers of two Telugu States today met here today and discussed on common problems and ended up without a breakthrough.

Telangana Minister P Mahender Reddy closeted with his Andhra Pradesh counterpart K Achchen Naidu along with the officials of the both the States for some time. Though the meeting focused on key issues of mutual cooperation for allowing the vehicles, it could not come out with a positive result.

Mahender Reddy told reporters later that they achieved consensus on some issues. He also said another round of meeting will be held next week to resolve other issues. While 700 AP buses are moving in Telangana, only 400 buses were plying in Andhra Pradesh to short distances, he said. There was no clarity yet on the actual number of buses coming and returning to home States, he said, adding that the next meeting might resolve amicably the rest of the issues pending.

The Telangana Government has been demanding implementation of single permit policy for plying lorries though the AP Government is yet to take a decision. The AP Government has to take a decision with regard to Telangana demand to avoid disparity in number of buses and allow equal number of its buses in the State and allow to ply its RTC buses with state name rather than number of seats for which Rs 950 per seat being at check posts on the state borders. Probably a meeting next week will resolve these issues. (NSS)