‘No BJP allowed’ poster still remains, residents ask contesting BJP MP to ‘stay out’

Noida: The villagers of Greater Noida’s Kachera village are yet to welcome BJP workers in the region as the board that read ‘BJP members not allowed’ will likely become a poll issue when the Gautam Buddha Nagar constituency votes on April 11 as it’s contesting candidate MP Mahesh Sharma is a BJP candidate.

The board was put up last October, to reflect the residents’ frustrations over land acquisition that no authority has looked into which the locals believe will likely become a poll issue.

Mahesh Sharma is not only the contesting candidate but is also the Union Minister State for Tourism & Culture.

Responding to the upcoming polls in the constituency, a resident from Kuldeep nagar said: “We are disillusioned. Mahesh Sharma hasn’t visited the village since he adopted it. We’d rather pick NOTA.”

The village has become the centre of conflict after a private building company acquired their land without providing adequate compensation and despite them addressing the issue no action was taken by the authorities.

In October 2018, protests broke out in the village when standing crops were allegedly destroyed at directions received from the company.

Moreover, the village pradhan also claimed that the BJP only talks about the Army, but even when their village is home to Vir Chakra Lance Havildar Gian Chand, no memorial spot in his honor has been provided yet.

“He was awarded the Vir Chakra posthumously for his bravery during the 1971 war. All we asked for is a small memorial spot. We have been building it with our own money,” said Tej Singh.

“The only functioning school is a private one, managed by funds of previous pradhans. There is only one primary school, and a degree college is a dream,” said Tej Singh, who is backing SP-BSP candidate Satveer Nagar.

Responding to the allegations by the residents, Vinay Bhati, BJP district chief, Gautam Budh Nagar, said: “There are a few people in the village who think that development has not been carried out and, therefore, another party should be voted into power. The truth is, you cannot claim that the entire village thinks so; few people cannot define the thinking for all. It is possible there are simple innocent people who want to vote for the BJP and they are being misled by a few political people. There has been constant work by the MP for their compensation. I will visit the people and listen to their grievances. We need to be with people.”