No 12% reservation for Muslims in Telangana in the near future – Govt. extended the term of commission

Hyderabad: Government of Telangana on Friday extended the term of the commission which is studying the socio-economic and educational status of Muslims till March, 2016.

Earlier, K. Chandrasekhara Rao, CM of Telangana had made an announcement in the Assembly that Telangana Govt. will implement 12% for Muslims in Education and Employment very soon.

The committee which was step up in March 2015 to study socio-economic and educational status of Muslims headed by G. Sudhir, IAS officer (Ret.) was expected to give its report within six months but with the extension of another six month, committee is expected to submit its report by March 2016.

The delay in reservation for Muslims will lead to loss of many vacancies in the ongoing state requirements. Currently, Muslims are entitled to only 4% reservation under BC-E which was introduced by YSR led Congress Govt. in 2007.