Nizam’s wealth case in UK – Pakistan gets 35 million pounds, India’s claim dismissed

New Delhi: In the Nizam’s Wealth Case in UK, India lost the claim and Pakistan was successful in proving its claim to get 35 million pounds of wealth which is equivalent to Rs. 347, 61, 71, 953.

It may be mentioned that the Nizam of Hyderabad had deposited 1 million pound in the account of High Commissioner of Pakistan in UK on 20th September 1948. This amount was deposited in Bank of England. After the merger of Hyderabad State into Indian Union, Govt. of India made a claim to get this money which UK judge dismissed a few months back.

According to the details, the British Judge in his 75 page judgment pronounced judgment in favour of Pakistan and dismissed the claim of India. The proceedings of the case continued for 68 years.

According to the claim made by Ministry of External Affairs of Govt. of Pakistan, Pakistan had made a offer in July 2015 to India for a compromise in which it was suggested that the case which has been pending for the past 67 years could be resolved and the services of Lord Hoffman or Lord Hope but India rejected this offer.

Sources indicated that the judgment was pronounced based on the documents deposited in the Archives Department of UK in which the circumstances created in Pakistan after the death of Mr. Mohammed Ali Jinnah and also the circumstance leading to “Operation Polo” (Police Action) on Hyderabad.

It may be mentioned that in order to improve the economic and defence condition of Govt. of India after Chinese aggression, Govt. of India had sought help from the Nizam of Hyderabad and he had given generous financial help to Govt. of India.

–Siasat News