Nizam’s grandson upset over not being invited in Falaknuma Dinner

Last Nizam ruler Mir Osman Ali Khan’s grandson Nawab Nazaf Ali Khan has expressed deep unhappiness over American president Donald Trump’s daughter and government advisor Ivanka Trump’s dinner at Falaknuma Palace on November 28 night.

Finding fault with organisers of dinner at Falaknuma Palace, Nazaf Ali Khan has disappointed for not inviting him for the dinner to Ivanka and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said that Falaknuma Palace was a symbol of Hyderabad and Nizam Nawab’s culture. Why they didn’t invite me the place where dinner organised for guests was belongs to his forefathers?, he questioned.

Alleging that the organisers have invited businessmen, representatives of various nations and officials concerned, Nazaf Ali Khan lamented that the same organisers failed to invited him though the dinner was taken place at the place where his own culture and tradition existed. Informing that NITI Ayog officials have contacted him for several times to know the details on organising dinner at Falaknuma Palace and booked a Nizam room for the sake of Ivanka but they failed to invite him for the dinner, Nazaf Ali Khan expressed unhappiness over NITI Ayog officials for ignoring him from inviting for the dinner though the organisers accorded welcome to Ivanka in a Nizam style and prepared food items for dinner following Nizam tradition but failed to invite his family.