Nizam’s gold tiffin box theft case: Prince Muffakham Jah praises Hyderabad City Police

Hyderabad: The grandson of Nizam VII Nawab Osman Ali Khan, Prince Muffakhan Jah visited Nizam’s Museum on Friday. He praised and congratulated Hyderabad City Police for solving the Nizam’s gold tiffin box theft case.

According to the report published in New Indian Express, Nizam Jubilee Pavilion Trust manages the museum. Muffakham Jah is the president of the trust.

It may be mentioned that the trust is responsible to manage the gift received by Nizam VII during silver jubilee celebration.

Courtesy “twitter/ndtv”

It may be recalled that the gold tiffin box weighing two kilograms, a cup, saucer, and spoon studded with rubies, diamonds and emeralds were stolen from Nizam’s Museum in the month of September this year.

Within a week after the incident, Hyderabad City Police had solved the case, arrested the case and recovered the stolen articles.

Commenting on Hyderabad Police’s efficiency, he said that such quick result is not possible in many countries.